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Aside from visiting historical landmarks, we highly recommend a tour of Armenia’s beloved capital – the city of Yerevan.Legend says that the first word Noah pronounced as he exited the ark was “Yerevats” – translated as “it can be seen”. This refers to the land he supposedly saw after the huge flood, which was later changed to “Yerevan”.In addition, you can find the real etymology of the word Yerevan during our first stop of the day – the museum of Erebuni, where the history of Yerevan starts. You will visit the museum and the ruins of the ancient fortress-city, which dates back to the 8th century B.C.From Erebuni, the tour will take you to Tsitsernakaberd, the memorial of Armenian Genocide. The memorial is visited by every single Armenian all over the entire universe to pay respect to their ancestors.The following stop will be at the house-museum of Sergey Parajanov, one of the greatest film directors of the 20th century, and a man of no boundaries. You will discover how this exceptional individual managed to keep his free spirit and creativity in a world where it was not encouraged. The museum also offers one of the best vista points of the city. The last spot included in this daily trip is the brandy factory “Ararat”, where you will get familiar with the history of the legendary Armenian Cognac, as well as have the chance to actually taste and purchase it directly from the factory.

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  • 20000
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  • 35000
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Distance 35 km

Duration 4-5 hrs

Directions Erebuni, Matenadaran, Tsitsernakaberd

Guide + 20000 $

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